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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want an autopsy performed on my loved one?

There are a number of different answers to this question, but ultimately what you must ask yourself is -- "why is it important to me?"

One of the most common reasons is simply curiosity or confirmation -- why did my loved one pass away? What were his or her medical conditions?  Only an autopsy can definitively answer these questions.

Autopsy results may also carry genetic implications for close relatives.  Sometimes an autopsy detects severe heart disease, cancer, or another disease that has shown to be hereditary and can help direct relatives' future health care and prevention.

To collect life insurance and other benefits, it may help to have an autopsy performed.

Was your loved one's medical care handled appropriately?  An autopsy can help put those concerns at ease or address any potential inadequacies.

Was an organization or business entity potentially liable for your loved one's death?  An autopsy may help with answering this question.

Or, do you simply disagree with the cause of death and want a second opinion?  We can certainly help you with that.

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