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Funeral Directors & Coroners

How much are your services? What is the process?

A private autopsy starts at $3500 and includes a full autopsy conducted by a board-certified forensic pathologist and an experienced autopsy technician. The fee also includes a full microscopic examination conducted by the pathologist as well as blood sample storage for up to 12 months, should the family wish to pursue a toxicology analysis.


If other services are requested, including but not limited to neuropathology (e.g., dementia work-ups), microbiology, and other lab work, additional fees will apply:

           * Neuropathology: $5000

           * Toxicology: $1500

A preliminary report detailing the autopsy findings, including a preliminary cause of death, will be delivered to the next-of-kin typically the same day that the autopsy is conducted.

Within 4-8 weeks, a final autopsy report including the microscopic findings will be issued and sent to the next-of-kin. The timeline may be longer if additional services such as neuropathology are ordered.

Who handles transportation?

The funeral home is responsible for transportation of the deceased to and from our morgue facilities. As of now, we operate out of three Colorado locations: Colorado Springs, Longmont, and Castle Rock.

Are brochures available for families?

You may call us at any of our locations to ask for free brochures, and we will promptly mail you as many as you would like.

Ask about our exclusive incentives

Referral incentives are available. Please call us for details.

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