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Private Autopsy

Private Autopsy Service

A private autopsy service is a medical examination of a deceased person's body that is conducted by a licensed pathologist outside of a hospital or government facility. This service is typically by families who want a more thorough investigation into the cause of death or who have concerns about the accuracy of a previous autopsy. Private autopsies can provide valuable information for legal cases, insurance claims, and medical research. The results of a private autopsy are confidential and are only shared with the family or authorized parties.

Private Autopsy Process

Autopsy Definition

What is the Definition of an Autopsy?

Private autopsy, also known as a postmortem examination, is a thorough investigation conducted to determine the cause of death. This critical process is vital in both medical and legal fields, providing an accurate understanding of the deceased's condition and circumstances surrounding his or her death. At Postmortem Pathology, our highly qualified and experienced pathologists and technicians carry out these examinations with precision and care. Utilizing advanced facilities and state-of-the-art technology, we ensure detailed and accurate analyses. Our nationwide coverage across all 50 states means we can offer comprehensive autopsy services no matter where you are. Postmortem Pathology is committed to timely and accurate reporting, collaborating with medical and legal communities to achieve the best outcomes and autopsy definition for families and society.

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