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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want a second opinion on my loved one's cause of death?

Unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done if the doctor, coroner, or medical examiner who signed the death certificate refuses to change his or her mind about the ruling on the cause and manner of death, even if there is sufficient information to support a more appropriate opinion.

What CAN be done in this case is to seek the services of an independent, board-certified pathologist who will take a look at your loved one's case and arrive at an honest, second opinion as to why he or she passed.


These services may entail a review of medical records, the autopsy report (if an autopsy was performed), or an actual second autopsy, if warranted.

The biggest red flag is if the determination of your loved one's death was made at the hands of a doctor with no board certification, especially if this doctor is the one who performed the autopsy. 


To ensure this was not the case, make note of the doctors' names listed on both the death certificate AND the autopsy report.  If either doctor is found to lack board certification, please call us immediately to assist with your case!

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